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How to Buy Tickets!

Tickets are available from: most any UU congregant, The Green Store (71 Main Street, Belfast), UU Church of Belfast (37 Miller Street, Belfast (207)338-4482) during office hours, Anna Wood-Cox (207) 930-9399, or Susan Coe (207) 505-5441. Tickets may be purchased using cash, check, or credit cards.

There winner has many ways to use their prize: 1) two round trip airfare, two nights accommodation, one dinner for two for international travel; 2) two round trip transportation, four nights accommodation for two, two dinners for two for continental U.S. travel; 3) a staycation for someone wanting to stay in Maine: rent a cottage and invite your family/friends for a reunion; rent a tent and throw a catered party (rehearsal dinner, baby shower, small wedding reception; let your imagination run wild; and 4) If you want to attend UU General Assembly we'll foot the tab. $5000 maximum value; unused funds up to $500 will be used to purchase carbon offset.

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Terms and Conditions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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