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Social Action Committee

The goal of the Social Action Committee is to provide an opportunity for meaningful, spiritually grounded political action supported by our UU principles and informed by our sources. Our intention is to create a culture of fairness, open dialogue, education, and healthy conflict within our community.  Our 7 principles should govern any activity sponsored by the UU Church of Belfast.

As a faith community, and in accordance with our 501c3 status as a religious organization the three basic rules for our political and social action according to the IRS are:

  • No limit on advocacy and education activities. (activities that raise awareness on a given issue but don’t encourage the public to support/oppose specific legislation)

  • There is a narrow limit on lobbying. (advocating for or against a specific piece of legislation)

  • Total limit on partisan politics. (anything that advocates for or against candidates or parties)


Interested in having an event, doing a presentation, or utilizing the UUCB’s wonderful space for other social justice reasons? Need some help thinking about the particulars? Contact Chris Wright at

Click here to access the Proposal Form.

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