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One of the concepts the Contract to Call Process Task Force is grappling with is that of “shared ministry”. Understanding shared ministry is vital to understanding the importance of “calling” a minister. The most vital and thriving congregations practice shared ministry, where the personal gifts of members and friends of the congregation are matched with opportunities to serve the mission and vision of the congregation. Ministry, therefore, is not merely the work of the ordained minister, but is shared by all members of the church. Ministry is the quality of the presence we bring to our work and connections in the church. It encompasses a spirit of compassion, kindness, hope, and reverence. Any work we do for the church can be ministry if we bring ourselves to it with that intention. Lay leadership is an important part of shared ministry and is critical to the overall wellbeing of the congregation. We are already practicing shared ministry in many ways. Members and friends participate in and lead worship services; we serve on the Council and committees; we provide pastoral care through the Caring Circle; we guide and mentor our children and youth; and we work for social justice in the larger community. A “called” minister reinforces shared ministry by having overall responsibility for the direction of the congregation. He/she pays attention to our mission and vision and the quality of relationships within the congregation. A called or settled minister has an indefinite tenure and therefore a larger commitment to the congregation than the duration of a contract. This spring we will be moving into the active phase of our call process. Cottage meetings, both in-person and on ZOOM, will begin at the end of March. These will provide an opportunity for all members and friends to voice their opinions about the qualities we are looking for in a minister. Look for a “Call Sermon” at the end of February or the beginning of March to kick off this exciting process. Marty Daniels, Contract to Call Process Task Force

The Contract to Call Process Task Force:

Chris Legore

Jen Kirchoff

Marty Daniels

Nancy McAlley

Dean Anderson

Kathy Muzzy

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What is the “Contract to Call Process” and how does it affect us as a congregation?

The “Contract to Call Process” is a process where the congregation will spend time reflecting on whether we would like to “call” our current minister, which means that she would remain with us for an indefinite period of time, or if we would rather have her continue on a contract basis with a yearly performance review and the possibility of a new minister after the review.

This is an important decision for us all to be involved in since our minister will be not serving some of us, but all of us.

We need as much input as possible from you. We need to know your thoughts about our church’s ministry mission and what our needs are as we reach for our goals as a church. Identifying our needs will help us determine if our current minister is the one to meet those needs and serve with us as we move forward in our ministry.

A task force has been formed to guide the congregation as we move forward in the process. The members of the task force are: Dean Anderson, Jen Kirchoff, Chris LeGore, Marty Daniels, Kathy Muzzy and Nancy McAlley. You may contact any of us with questions at any time.

The task force will develop a plan to organize small groups to help us articulate our ministry and the qualities we would like to see in a minister to help us fulfill our mission.

After gathering everyone’s input we will organize a second round of small group meetings to focus on whether our current minister is the one to help us meet the specific needs of our congregation. We will also send out a questionnaire via regular mail for those who may wish to respond by mail rather than attend the small groups.

The task force will then review all the information from the congregations input and provide a summary for everyone.

We expect to have a congregational vote on the decision of whether to “call” our current minister in September 2021.

Information will be provided in the weekly and monthly newsletters, by announcements at the Sunday service, on the website, and on our Facebook page.

Below is picture of the “Call Process Task Force”. We encourage you to reach out to any of us with any questions that you may have. Nancy McAlley (, Dean Anderson (, Jen Kirchoff (, Mary Daniels (, Chris LeGore (, Kathy Muzzy (

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